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Termite Control In El Paso

Stopping Termites Before They Appear

It’s rare for termite infestations to magically appear overnight. These wood-eating insects usually make their way into vulnerable homes and construct gigantic colonies without anyone noticing their presence. All it takes is a single crack to let an infestation into your walls, leading to a loss of property value and expensive repairs in the future.

The most effective way to stop a termite infestation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. However, over-the-counter tools and DIY remedies aren’t enough for homes in El Paso. Only pre-construction and post-construction treatments have what you need to prevent infestations and monitor their activity.

AAA Pest Control has provided pre- and post-construction termite control to hundreds of clients throughout the El Paso area. Specializing in evidence-based methods and offering quarterly membership services, we make it easy to get the services you need without the hassle and fuss of traditional pest control companies.

Need a WDI inspection for your next real estate transaction? You can rely on our team to provide a quick and concise report. We offer home inspections for properties of any size so you can make informed decisions before signing on the dotted line.

Contact the team at AAA Pest Control to get started on termite control in El Paso today.

How Can You Tell if You Have Termites in Your House?

Detecting termites in your house involves looking for several telltale signs. Here are some common indicators that you might have a termite infestation:

  • Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites build mud tubes to protect themselves from the air and to provide moisture as they travel between their colony and a food source. These tubes are usually found on exterior walls, foundations, or in crawl spaces.
  • Discarded Wings: Termites swarm to find mates and establish new colonies. After swarming, they shed their wings, which can often be found near windowsills, doors, and other entry points.
  • Wood Damage: Termites eat wood from the inside out, leaving a thin veneer of wood or paint. Tapping on wood that sounds hollow or noticing damaged or crumbling wood can indicate termite presence.
  • Frass: Drywood termites produce wood-colored droppings as they eat through wood. This frass (termite droppings) can often be found in small piles near infested areas.
  • Blisters in Wood Flooring: These can appear similar to water damage. Blisters or sagging areas in wood floors can be a sign of termites feeding below the surface.
  • Bubbling or Uneven Paint: Termites can cause paint to bubble or peel as they introduce moisture into the wood they’re consuming.
  • Noise: Soldier termites make a distinct clicking sound as they bang their heads against wood or shake their bodies to signal danger to the colony. You might hear these noises if you put your ear close to an infested wood structure.
  • Tight-fitting Doors and Hard-to-open Windows: As termites consume wood, they produce moisture, which can cause wood to warp. This can make doors and windows difficult to open and close.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to contact a professional pest control service for a thorough inspection and appropriate treatment. Early detection and intervention can help prevent significant damage to your home.

Our Termite Control Process

It’s not easy to get rid of termites completely, especially once they’ve bedded down around your basement, garage, or foundation. However, AAA Pest Control has a few tricks up our sleeve, and we can help to restore your living space with a straightforward, long-lasting termite service.

We offer two separate types of termite treatments: a post-construction treatment, and a pre-construction treatment. Each of these requires a slightly different approach, although access to our great customer service comes with every plan.

A post-construction treatment creates a barrier around your structure to ensure long-lasting control over termite activity. This includes:

  • An initial inspection where we talk and gather info from our customers. Once we listen to your unique needs and concerns, we start looking for wood-to-ground contact and conducive conditions. You may spot our team checking attics and crawl spaces to hunt for the signs of termites. Once we identify the issue in your home, we can report our findings and begin work on your initial treatment.
  • Outside your home, we switch off your water supply and drill holes every 12 inches into your structure. We then dig a trench roughly six inches wide by six inches deep to create a "moat" against pests. By injecting a unique termiticide into affected areas and filling ditches, raking dirt, and capping holes, we create an effective barrier against termites that may be wanting to wander inside.
  • Inside your home, we foam up all your interior plumbing to stop leaks or perspiration from attracting termites. This also reduces available moisture for existing termites so they no longer have a reliable supply.
  • We provide a one-year warranty on our termite control services, which means you can feel confident in the quality of our work. We plan to follow up approximately one year from your service so we can re-evaluate your yard and offer a warranty extension.

Pre-construction termite treatments take a slightly different approach, primarily because there’s no one actively living in your building. Not only is this more convenient for you and your loved ones, but it also provides additional peace of mind knowing your property is protected from termites.

  • We typically treat your soil against termites long before contractors pour your concrete foundation. 
  • We also treat your footing and all square footage so every inch of your new building has protection from termites.
  • We concentrate heavily on plumbing areas and footing to remove any possibility of termite activity.

Please keep in mind we also offer WDI reports for active termites on the home inspection side of our business. Please reach out to our pest professionals today to chat about your options.

Welcome To Your Termite-Free Home

Stopping termite activity before it begins is the best possible defense against dangerous infestations. With the pros at AAA Pest Control, you can stop and monitor infestations long before they occur.

Our pre- and post-construction treatment plans can help you build an initial barrier against termites. Our All-Star Membership program also offers quarterly monitoring programs to keep an eye on potential infestations. With a full one-year warranty available and quarterly termite monitoring programs, we’re one of El Paso’s most trusted experts for termite management and control.

If you want long-lasting termite protection and management for your El Paso home, it’s clear AAA Pest Control is the team to call. Ready to get started? Reach out to our pros online or over the phone to book your free termite inspection.

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