What To Do About A Bed Bug Infestation In El Paso

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What To Do About A Bed Bug Infestation In El Paso

On the banks of the Rio Grande sits El Paso, a city known for its culturally diverse and unique people. Blending American and Mexican heritages has made this city a festive and culinary hotspot, making it a great place to visit or set down permanent roots—of course, having gorgeous mountain views, plenty of trails, and lots of sunshine helps, too. One recently reemerging pest that likes to explore homes in busy cities like El Paso is the bed bug. If homeowners aren't careful, they could soon need professional bed bug treatments.

Examining Your Home: Where To Look For Bed Bugs

When bed bugs enter homes, they typically migrate first to bedrooms, looking for readily available blood supplies, human ones preferably. Bed bugs squeeze into cracks and seams along bed frames, hide behind headboards, or get comfortable in seams of mattresses or button holes; they can also hide within box springs. While beds are one of the best places to locate bed bugs, they spread out through homes as the infestation increases. They stray to other areas, such as between the cracks in walls or wood fixtures. Bed bugs can also get cozy behind wallpaper, baseboards, and picture frames; people can even find them within electrical plates, appliances, and furniture.

A bed bug's coloring, size, and ability to squeeze into tight spaces give it a natural ability to disappear into cracks and crevices around a home. Their unique characteristics can make them more challenging to locate and eliminate unless homeowners utilize the services of a pest professional like AAA Pest Control.

The Longer A Bed Bug Infestation Lasts, The Worse It Gets

Once bed bugs enter a home, they can be challenging to remove. Bed bugs that get indoors start reproducing almost immediately. Females can produce between one and five eggs daily, and it only takes three weeks before those eggs reach adulthood. The longer bed bugs live in a home unnoticed and untreated, the more they multiply. When bed bug populations get out of control, blood supplies will start to wane, causing bed bugs to spread throughout the house in search of new supplies, and if human sources run out, bed bugs are open to feasting on your pets.

Bed bug infestations can get out of hand quickly, making people and pets inside a home miserable. Bed bugs won't die off or leave on their own, so homeowners must get professional treatments from a trusted pest control company like AAA Pest Control. We can locate bed bugs and remove them quickly.

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

A proactive approach to bed bug prevention is critical to maintaining a bed bug-free house. Since bed bugs notoriously hang out in public places, folks visiting these areas or picking up bargains in secondhand establishments should always inspect their belongings before bringing them home.

Some tips that will help homeowners maintain a bed-bug-free home include the following:

  • Always check a lodging facility's beds for bed bug signs when traveling.
  • Never leave suitcases on the floor overnight in a hotel or motel.
  • Always vacuum bags and suitcases used for traveling before storing them away.
  • After travel, wash and dry clothing (whether worn or not) using their hottest setting.
  • When bargain shopping, always check clothing and secondhand furniture and appliances for signs of bed bugs.

Getting bed bugs out can present significant challenges once they get into a house. While homeowners can take preventative steps to ensure they stay away from their homes, the reality is that bed bugs can use any number of everyday items to gain access. If these savvy world travelers manage to get into your El Paso home despite your prevention measures, you'll need professional help from the bed bug experts at AAA Pest Control.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My House?

The only way to get rid of bed bugs from your El Paso home entirely is with help from AAA Pest Control. Established in 1997, our family-owned company has excelled in helping customers for over 25 years ensure their homes stay pest-free. Our qualified and highly educated pest professionals can remove unwanted bed bugs and help homeowners with preventative management strategies, including green, eco-friendly control options. Call AAA Pest Control today to inquire about our bed bug services and obtain a free inspection.